Text to Speech without Google, Alexa and so on


I have read many topics with the label “Text to Speech” here in this forum.
But I search a solution without Google, Alexa and so on.

I want to speech from a rule over

  • my android app
  • or by a separate sound speaker

Is there any solution for this?

You would need a TTS service installed ( VoiceRSS) and the spoken text can be played on all devices recognised as an audiosink ( Sonos speakers etc.), selecting “system speaker” would play it on all android devices running the android app. Please read Multimedia docs

Hello, I have read this.
Is it correct that it is not possible to use the voice output of text-to-speak on the smartphone with the OpenHAB app from the Google Store?

Available is the GoogleCloud TTS, can’t tell the difference to the one from the store.

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