Textfile items show NULL in 3.0 configuration page

I have a working instance of OpenHAB 2.5, with all things defined in UI and items, rules and sitemaps defined in files.

Today I wanted to try out OpenHAB 3.0, installed bindings, configured things in the UI and uploaded some items files.

The items do appaer in the configuration view, but they all show NULL on the right end of each item.
I guess something is missing in the item definition?

Your items are most probably not linked to the Thing-Channels.

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You are right. Thanks for the explanation!
But this is perfectly fine in my use case, so nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

It’s just that I am a software developer myself and I thought that NULL shown in the UI means that something is wrong or unexpected…

NULL as an openHAB Item state just means “I have initialized but have not been given a state”