Textlist in Openhab

Good evening,

I’m wondering, if there is a build in possibility to implement textlist like I know them from machine HMIs like WinCC Comfort (TIA Portal).
I get some integer values from my central heating, that represent different operation modes.
0 = Automatic
1 = Standby
2 = Comfort temperature
3 = …
Sure, I can do it with scripting. In this case I would write a string variable on any item change. And do it in the other way to write values (or only write direct into the Integer)
But I dont really like this kind of solution.

What I’m used to have on HMIs is the following:
IO-fields show the string instead of the integer and also those IO-fields can work as a dropdown menue to chose another operation mode.

Currently I’m using OH3.

Thanks in advance

Have a look at Map transformation

You can use the metadata for this, see following screenshots

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