Textual Configuration of channels

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The Onewire binding has some things where channels support additional - channel based - configuration (e.g. the resolution of the temperature measurement). The thing has a temperature channel. Why is

Thing onewire:temperature:c63d3edb:atest (onewire:owserver:c63d3edb) [ id="28.505AF0020000" ] {
        Type temperature : temperature "Test Temperature" [ resolution = "12" ]

ignoring the resolution-parameter (the default of 10 is used instead), while

Thing onewire:temperature:c63d3edb:atest (onewire:owserver:c63d3edb) [ id="28.505AF0020000" ] {
        Type temperature : temperatureD "Test Temperature" [ resolution = "12" ]

adds a second channel with the name temperatureD where the resolution is correctly set to 12? From my understanding the first should work, too.Is this a bug (I’ll file a bug report then) or expected behaviour?

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Hi Jan !
I have changed to temperatureD:

Bridge onewire:owserver:temp [ network-address="" ] {
    temperature syp   [ id="28.FFEA15031503", refresh=150 ]{
        Type temperature : temperatureD [ resolution = "12" ]

but same issue occoured, it still call temperature10:

05-Nov-2018 00:43:19.301 [TRACE] [nding.onewire.internal.owserver.OwserverConnection] - wrote: messageType READ, size 55, controlFlags 0x00000104, payload '/28.FFEA15031503/temperature10'
05-Nov-2018 00:43:19.591 [TRACE] [nding.onewire.internal.owserver.OwserverConnection] - read: return code 12, size 36, controlFlags 0x00000104, payload '       21.25'
05-Nov-2018 00:43:19.593 [TRACE] [.smarthome.binding.onewire.internal.device.DS18x20] - read temperature 21.25 °C from 28.FFEA15031503

or I do something wrong with thing config (I just started with OH2) ?

Thank You & BR

„Channels:“ is still missing

OK thanks.
I have added “channels” and removed “D” from temperature then it started working.

Do you have maybe some examples of DS230X 1wire switch ? I cna not make it work :frowning:
Also I have tried to add via PaperUI but there is no reaction on ow server.

Thanks a lot !!!