Textual Rules: sendCommand has a delay?

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding my textual rules.
I have a rule like this:

sendCommand(HyperionNgServerHyperionenabled, ON)


rule "Farben und effekte löschen"
    Item HyperionNgServerHyperionenabled received command ON
    logInfo("rules", logPrefix+ "rs232 power {}",TV_LG_RS232_POWER.state)

Sometimes the item TV_LG_RS232_POWER has the state OFF, even the command TV_LG_RS232_POWER.sendCommand(ON) was executed before in rule1.
So it is not setting the effect. There seems to be a delay in the rule execution. Is there a way I can proof that the Item has the correct value before I check it in another rule?

When an Item receives a command it could take some time for the Item to change state in response to the command. It’s possible the Item may never change in response to the command. The typical case is that the command goes from your rule, to the Item, to the binding, and then out to the device. Then the device reports that it’s changed which goes to the binding and only now is the Item updated with the new state.

There is almost certainly not enough time between when the first rule runs and the seconds rule runs for that round trip to have occurred.

Trigger that other rule when the Item changes state or receives an update instead of received command.