THANK YOU for all your effort in 2018!

Hi all,
I want to THANK YOU ALL for the great 2018 and wish you a very happy automated 2019.
THANKS to YOU I have almost every HA-device I ever bought working!
THANKS to YOU I know that the Popp smoke detectors that just stopped working, are just rubbish and not my fault or an error in OpenHAB!
THANKS to YOU I stopped using the Intergas LANtoRF that never worked satifying and started with the OpenThermGateway, which I had working in a day!
THANKS to YOU my Smart Electricity Meter is giving me information for free!
There is still a truck load of automation wishes that I want to get reality, but THANKS TO YOU I have the self confidence that I will succeed with YOUR HELP!

There are a lot of people that do extra special things. I want to name a few. THANK YOU (Edit, I had the wrong Rich) @rlkoshak
for your (sometimes intimidating) amount of knowledge and the energy you spend telling us over and over what we don’t know or understand, helping for-ever-new-be’s like me to put together systems we would not be able to build on our own.
THANK YOU @Kai for starting all this and still going strong, often out of my view.
And THANK YOU @chris for your devotion to the zwave binding that really got a lot better this year. I have no idea how much time you must have been working on the new binding, but I do know you all don’t often get the credits to somehow compensate.
Thank you, and happy new year!


Thank you, and happy new year to you too

That’s the idea. Thanks


Ha, I know, but maybe we just don’t say it out loud often enough :wink:

I’d like to thank Michael in Germany for all his work on the Amazon Echo this past year. Also, another thank you to Chris in UK for the zWave work. Both of these bindings are the most important pieces for my home automation.

Best, Jay

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