Thank you very much!

I just want to say ‘thank you’ once for the quick and useful help I have always received here in the forum from moderators and users. I was often at points where I was stuck. Mostly I had overlooked a little thing, but I myself have not seen the forest for the trees. But whenever I had a question, the answer came quite quickly, which was the solution to my problem.
And now it finally works that the Logitech Harmony controls my devices. But turning on the wifi outlet is completely handled by the Harmony via OpenHab. And in addition, OpenHab gradually takes over more commands that previously ran through the Harmony, because it’s just much more stable.
Thanks a lot!


The openHAB community is 2nd to none on the interwebz!!! 24/7 support from a international group of enthusiast and contributors who all love this project and just want to help more folks automate their homes

Follow the Sun Support - priceless. :slight_smile:

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