Thanks to everyone!

I’d just like to thank everyone in the OH community for being so amazing! :slight_smile:

I’ve been putting off my 2.x to 3.2 upgrade for so long just because I knew it would be a big job for me because for me it would mean a major server upgrade too, to Debian 11 and upgrade of all TvHeadend and Kodi backend which provides media to whole house. Anyway, I took some time off over Christmas and New Year to get this all done.

As expected, loads of issues. But boxing day, new years day, any day… the community were there to provide fast helpful advise and assistance to get all this this done. but with a lot of time and help, I’m 90% there now with a useable system once more. I can even type “openhab 2” or “openhab 3” to instantly switch between both while doing the last few things.

If this has been a commercial product I’d have been dead in the water, with everyone off. However, once again, OH (and the people) shows itself to be way better than that! :slight_smile:

So a BIG “thank you!” to one and all and all have a fantastic 2022!!!


I wonder whether, contrary to a commercial product, the openHAB community has more time over Christmas and New Year to be able to help! So you may have timed it perfectly!