The current status of the item is sporadically not updated in the sitemap

The current status of the item is sporadically not updated in the sitemap.

A manual update of the sitemap immediately shows the correct status of the item!

This is particularly annoying with items that e.g. show or hide additional items in the sitemap.

For example:
Do I trigger a panic alarm of the alarm system via a switch in the sitemap only if I have released the panic alarm with another switch for about 3 seconds to avoid accidental activation with the smartphone via HabApp. This switch is then automatically reset.
If the item is not updated immediately, then I also don’t get the switch for the panic alarm displayed.

Since the problem occurs with both the HabApp 2.15 and the 2.15.x betas in connection with OH3, I am assuming a problem in an OH3.x component.

With OH2.5.x I didn’t notice the problem with HabApp 2.15.

This is also currently the case with the BasicUI.

I am currently using OH 3.1 Snapshot and a file-based sitemap, as the sitemap is currently via MainUI. No visibility or value colors etc. supported yet.

The problem is so far in all 3.1. Snapshots noticed.

Unfortunately I cannot say whether the problem also occurs in OH3.0.1 because my current configuration cannot run in OH3.0.1.

Can the problem someone in OH3.0.1 or 3.1. snapshot confirm?


To all people who have problems that no one else has, cannot be understood and no developer can explain himself.

The error described was eliminated by a complete new installation (new image installed and backup imported).

This means that the error was not due to the above snapshots, but to the environment around it (Linux, Java etc. etc.), which may be caused by file errors.

→ Just as a tip, if in doubt, always completely reinstall the entire Openhab environment first in order to rule out such errors!

A wish to the developers of Openhab, can’t you check the environment when starting Openhab to see if everything around is OK?

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