The Designer is OK, but there are a lot of cons. Anyway to use the Eclipse OH/OH2 Development IDE instead?

I am not going to name the shortcomings of the OH Designer on here. It is better than a text editor, but not by much. (My biggest complaint is that I cannot refresh folders or add files directly).

I have the Eclipse OH/OH2 IDE Environment installed on my Windows PC. My OH install is on my Raspberry Pi. Am I able to use this IDE environment to work with my OH install on my RPi? If so, please forgive the dumb question, but how to I get it working properly? Meaning, how to I connect my IDE to my OH instance? Thanks!

With a samba share on your RPi, smb.conf could look like (change the directories accordingly):

Click the folder structure and press F5 to refresh never mind. That used to work in openHAB Designer but apparently doesn’t in ESH Designer. But you can reopen the conf folder to refresh the files.

<crtl>-n to create a new file

Designer violates one of the main tenents of HMI design (i.e. don’t hide functionality) but it does implement most such features.

Yes and no. @sihui provides the link to how to set samba up so you can access your files from your Windows machine. However, the .rules, .items, and all the other files that make up an openHAB configuration are not Java nor are they any standard programming language Eclipse IDE is going to support. So while you can edit these files using Eclipse IDE, you will not have syntax highlighting, syntax error detection, or the <ctrl>-<space> autocomplete.

Instead it will just work like any other text editor.