The "new" Milight IBox and milight binding

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(m3ta) #244
	Switch Wohnzimmerlicht
	[ "Lighting"] 
	{ channel="milight:rgbwLed:F0FE6B2DC252:1:ledbrightness"}

Not working anymore with ledbrightness. I’m using the latest unstable version.

(Michael Mendler) #245

Maybe you should try it with:

Dimmer Wohnzimmerlicht "Wohnzimmerbeleuchtung" [ "Lightning" ] { channel="milight:rgbwLed:F0FE6B2DC252:1:ledbrightness"}```

Switch is only for On/Off. I hope I'm right :wink:

(m3ta) #246

That’s true. Switch is only for on/off and at the moment, i’m not able to switch the light on or off, because there’s no switch.

Paperui - problem with reading channel types
(David Graeff) #247

The binding code didn’t change since January, at least it wasn’t changed by me, the author. openHab might be more restrictive now and doesn’t allow switches for ranged values. You can bind a switch to the on/off channel though. And I recommend to use the paperui for configuration.


(m3ta) #248

Removed all items in .items file and added a switch over paperui, but without any success.

EDIT: Using Basicui instead of paperui to watch my switches, everything is fine. Maybe there was an update for paperui?

(Tertius Hyman) #249

Does anyone know who to set the repeating of commands when the bridge is defined in the things file (not PaperUI)? I used:

Bridge milight:bridgeV3:CBBF12285DF8 [ ADDR=“”, ID="CBBF12285DF8 " , REPEAT=“2”, WAIT_BETWEEN_COMMANDS=“200”] {
Thing rgbLed 1
Thing rgbLed 2
Thing rgbLed 3
Thing rgbLed 4

The lights work, but not always reliably. Linux’s tcpdump (also shows UDP traffic) only shows one packet being sent for each command. thanks

(Vince) #250

Will the 2.2 version support the old rgb (just rgb) bulbs with ibox2? I have this setup and would like to use it with openhab.

(David Graeff) #251

I am busy with the MQTT implementation at the moment, so don’t work on Milight. Everyone is invited to submit a pullrequest on github to add this.

Cheers, David

(Mac Fly) #252

Hello community,

With the last snapshot build of Openhab, the nightmode/animation mode of my milights suddenly stop working after months of perfect service.
I just noticed I can’t link thoses channels to items anymore in paperui and the type aren’t displayed on thoses. (like switch or dimmer…).

The “type” select box is also empty when I tried to create an item with the channel.

Does it have some recents change in openhab core related to that ? Does someone know how to fix that please ?

Thanks you.

(David Graeff) #253

Openhab introduced so called trigger channels (like push buttons, stateless). I adapted the binding because night mode activation for instance is a stateless action. Paperui doesn’t support triggers yet unfortunately. So you are forced to link those manually.

Cheers David

(Mac Fly) #254

David, thank you for you answer.

I saw this in paperUi but I always linked items to channels with .items files. I noticed that each items that not working doesn’t have a type on paperui and I thought it maybe related.

This is how looks like my setups :

Switch ML_SALONZ1 (MLIGHT) {channel=“milight:rgbLed:ACCF2391256A:1:ledbrightness”}
Switch ML_SALONZ1_NM (MLIGHT) {channel=“milight:rgbLed:ACCF2391256A:1:lednightmode”}
Dimmer ML_SALONZ1_DIM_COLOR (MLIGHT) {channel=“milight:rgbLed:ACCF2391256A:1:ledbrightness”}
Color ML_SALONZ1_COLOR (MLIGHT) {channel=“milight:rgbLed:ACCF2391256A:1:ledcolor”}
Dimmer ML_SALONZ1_ANIM_MODE (MLIGHT) {channel=“milight:rgbLed:ACCF2391256A:1:animation_mode_relative”}
Dimmer ML_SALONZ1_ANIM_SPEED (MLIGHT) {channel=“milight:rgbLed:ACCF2391256A:1:animation_speed_relative”}

The links are showed in paperUi, but when I trigger the ML_SALONZ1_NM switch, it seem no order are sent to the binding.

I will try to dig more but if you have an advice, please let me know.

Best regards

(David Graeff) #255

Because Trigger channels are stateless they cannot be bound to a switch. You would need a pushbutton thingy instead, but that’s not existing yet to my knowledge. I have no idea how trigger channels are supposed to be used by the graphical interfaces tbh, and paperui doesn’t know either therefore it doesn’t autolink those channels.

Cheers David

(Mac Fly) #256

Ok, If I understand correctly you tell me that is just a PaperUI issue, but I don’t use it anyway. I speak about PaperUI because you told us before that was the better way to configure it, so I tested this way too.

I declared my items like I showed before but in my rules a sendCommand(ML_SALONZ1_NM, ON) doesn’t work anymore.

Thoses rules worked for a long time, and with the last build, they suddendty stop working.

Best regards.

(David Graeff) #257

No offence but please respect the volunteers free time here and use your brain!

I said the channel is stateless. No state. NADA. You cannot assign on or off, 1 or 0, or anything else to it. It is a trigger channel. I said this before. Read the documentation. Trigger channels cannot be triggered with sendcommand. It’s a different command.

And yes it worked before, because it WAS a switch channel before, by accident. Night mode on milight is not stateful, you can’t turn it on or off (or did you find an off button for nightmode on your remote?). It is an action that can be triggered, and we corrected the binding to reflect this.

And again although I repeat myself: no GUI, neither android app nor iOS app nor classicui or paperui support “Button” at the moment, only switches. So to make it very clear: you cannot use nightmode at this time, there is no GUI support for trigger channels. It’s not my fault as a binding developer, the GUI guys need to implement that.

Please read carefully and respect others free time.

Thanks, David

(Mac Fly) #258

Sorry for my misunderstanding and thanks you for your trigger channel explanation, I wasn’t aware about it. I will try to find how trigger a trigger channel in a rule.

(Alexandre) #259


Sorry to pop here like that but I’m having the exact same issue that MacFly have. Since last update I can’t use nightmode anymore. I triple read what you said to him, your documentation (which isn’t up to date ?).

I can say that I’m quite afraid to ask you but :

I said the channel is stateless. No state. NADA. You cannot assign on or off, 1 or 0, or anything else to it. It is a trigger channel. I said this before. Read the documentation. Trigger channels cannot be triggered with sendcommand. It’s a different command.

I’m not able to find that “different command”, may you please tell me / us which one is it ? I never encountered that kind of stuff and maybe don’t have the good keyword to find what I want over the web.

By advance, thanks a lot.


(Konrad) #260

Hi Guys. I am not quite sure it this is good place for this but ill give it a try. So i got that new Mi Light router (ibox) and as well just got for a test RGBW_CCT mi light GU10. My problem is, when i am trying to pair the Ibox with my UPC router through Android app ( v 3.0 ) it just saying all the time connection fail. I had try to pair it with so many ways in many orders but it just does not work. The wifi password is correct. I can get acces to ibox from my phone only if ill connect to MI Light Ibox wifi. Therefore i am able to change the colours of the router but i still cant even link the bulb GU10 with it. So the question is whats wrong? Is it Ibox , or maybe my router from UPC provider? I had tryed to look in to UPC router settings and assign some IP’s and stuff for ibox but it doesnt even appear to try to connect to the router. Any solutions? I will be very happy for any help. Regards.

(David Graeff) #261

Ibox works with 2.4ghz only. Newer routers may have 5ghz WiFi enabled only. Check your settings. WiFi != WiFi nowadays unfortunately.

(David Graeff) #262

Regarding the trigger channels. I tried to find out how to use them and I realized that I misunderstood the concept. At the moment nightmode etc cannot be used. I opened an issue on Eclipse Smarthome to improve the documentation for binding developers or to extend the trigger channel to be used like I used it.

Depending on the outcome of that issue, the binding either stays like it is and we need to wait for the UIs and rules engine to get support for trigger channels, or the binding will need to be changed.

Cheers, David

(Mac Fly) #263

thanks you for this clarification, it help my brain a lot.