The Nuki binding ignores the values 2 and 7 in the LockState channel


The system runs on a rasberry pi 4 installed from the openhabian image. The openHAB version is 3.2.0.M3.

The binding responds immediately to the change of values of the Switch in the Lock channel through SiteMap.
The binding also works correctly, although with a delay, the setting of the LockState channel to the value 4 (Lock) through SiteMap.

The binding ignores whether we set the values 2 (Unlock) or 7 (Unlatch) through SiteMap.

The following appears in the openHAB log:

2021-10-09 11: 45: 12.192 [INFO] [openhab.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'NukiSmartLock_LockState' received command 2
2021-10-09 11: 45: 24.835 [INFO] [openhab.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'NukiSmartLock_LockState' received command 7

The Nuki binding log is at DEBUG level, but nothing appears when the LockState channel receives the values 2 or 7.

Thanks in advance.

Check this thread

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Thanks, I was not aware of the changes in the binding.