The Road Ahead - Reintegrating ESH

That’s why I proposed this:

A lot of communities are doing this nowadays. The entire web-page source code is open source as well btw.
Personally I’d love to work more on OH, but yeah, time and other duties.

The good thing is: The eclipse foundation made sure we are not violating 3rd party rights / patents.
And OSGi made sure that single parts can be swapped out with better variants at any time, so that code smelling is not that big of an issue.


good thing is that we have a TON of testers :smile:

@David_Graeff: Yes, but this is the second step before the first one. Board of directors was not tired to emphasize that the foundation can’t/won’t fund development activities. I think it can be a topic for this year’s general assembly how to proceed in the future. Currently, we’re in a dead end.

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I’ve written a small tutorial to help developers with updating their open pull request to use the new license:


Thanks for doing this. I was just about to look into it, and you likely saved me a good bit of time!

Another progress update: ALL ESH add-ons have now been merged into - so if you want to work on their code, feel free to again create PRs for those!

The snapshot distro is currently not yet fully working due to some small issues, but that should be solved very soon as well.

So the last big step for the code transfer is the move of the core framework code.


Thanks for the update.
Can we assume that snapshot builds will normally continue to work during this reintegration work, or should we stay away from the snapshot builds until further notice?

I wanted to update to get the latest ZWave Binding updated.

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As usual, snapshots keep breaking from time to time and everybody will do their best to fix it again. With the ESH integration changes, the likelihood for breaking the distro might be a bit higher than usual - the good news is that the major issues (missing icons, not able to install UIs) should be fixed with the latest build again.


Aaaaaaand the docker image got built again. I was slightly scared something has been terribly broken as the last build was from 23. January :smile:

so safe to use snapshot images again?

It’s never safe to use snapshots. I also see people on the forum recommend these snapshot builds to others without any warning whatsoever. Not everyone is familiar with the terminology of Snapshot and Milestone builds.
Of course every developer does his utmost not to break anything, but Snapshot builds are there to test if indeed nothing broke.
If you want to be safe, then stay on the official stable releases.

Actually that depends on your needs. There were a lot of bug fixes recently for all bindings maintained by me which include the network binding, the hue emulation service and the mqtt binding. The “stable” 2.4 release will cause more issues than the milestone 2.5 build.

I think the majority of people will update their entire openHAB baseline to either a Snapshot or a Milestone release instead of just cherry picking the updated bindings that solve the issue they are experiencing. By doing so they take in many more changes than necessary. Changes that are not as thoroughly tested as the stable releases.

I would welcome a quicker release cycle, but I also understand that that comes with more overhead for the maintainers. The current setup with Snapshot, Milestone, and Stable builds is already a big improvement in my opinion.


Now I am slightly confused.
Is the Milestone image ok , at least with the UI issues that were in the recent snapshots?

The milestone release was build before the big merge started.

Yeah, sometimes I think about what might be a good moment for a milestone release :smirk:.


3 months before the official release :slight_smile:

You have no idea how grateful I am that you did. It has been a life saver helping users, particularly those with MQTT 2.4 problems that were fixed almost immediately after MQTT 2.4 was released.



the good news is that the major issues (missing icons, not able to install UIs) should be fixed with the latest build again.

Maybe time for another milestone release?


And association fixes in zwave.