Therefore ignoring it: [162,3]: no viable alternative at input 'Contact'

Contact item=BRClosetDoorOpenClose label=“Closet OpenClose [%s]”

Contact item=BRClosetDoorOpenClose label=“Closet OpenClose [%s]”

Device: Monoprice zwave door window sensor

This this is confusing.
If i set it as a switch in the sitemap it loads; contact, i get that error in the subject…no viable alternative
If i set them both to switch, they load.

I can set the sitemap to text and that works too.
Other weird thing is the alarm on this thing and the open/close work the same way. when it opens, they both trip; when it closes, they both get set.

Wrong item definition, must be:

Switch BRClosetDoorOpenClose “Closet OpenClose [%s]” { channel=“zwave:device:yxyxyxyxyxy:nodexx:channel_name” }

See and

Edit: btw, I don’t see a monoprice door/window sensor in the zwave database: