Thermostat mode openhab 3

Help me please. How to make thermostat mode to openhab 3 using config files. What i will white in item file for thet?

Dear Vladimir;

that is a far to general question. If you speak of a thermostat, that is a hardware right? OH is designed to abstract the hardware part though bridges and things. The bridges and things come with bindings and for this reason, you have to tell us, what technologie your thermostat is based on.

If you are using the KNX or HomeMatic binding, I can be of service, because I use them myself. For other technologies, you may get help from others.

So my advice is, to describe a little more of the hardware of your thermostat first. And in my experience it is always worth to describe also, what kind of use case you have in mind with that.

I have simpal Ethernet controller. i need to get 2 setting of temperature max and min in my OH3 location. I know how to make that in my sitemape in
Setpoint item=temperature_max icon=“flow” minValue=50 maxValue=80 step=1
Setpoint item=temperature_min icon=“flow” minValue=20 maxValue=35 step=1
How to get that setting in my OH3 tab location.
Sorry for my english.

You have to configure the Item model. Doing so in .items files is tedious and challenging though it’s pretty straight forward in the UI. See Semantic Model | openHAB for details. It’s all done through Group membership and tags.

I know about this documentation, it says nothing about thermostat modes. How can thermostat modes be implemented in the new interface? I want to have 2 parameters. I want to set hysteresis. Do you understand?

I understand but you do not understand the docs apparently.

Those docs don’t say anything about thermostat modes because they are generic and cover everything. If you are looking for something in since docs somewhere that say “thermostat modes” you’re not going to find it.

You need to define a model that includes locations, equipment, and points. Once you have tagged you items and added them to groups in the model, they will appear in the locations, equipment, and properties tabs, which is part of what you asked.

As for the rest, you need to answer franks’ questions first.

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