Therory: running OH completely in RAM

You’d have to look at the scripts that install it then to see where it’s installed from. I didn’t think I installed it separately on my one openHABian machine but maybe I did.

really only thing I found is this

firemotd_setup() {
  echo -n "$(timestamp) [openHABian] Downloading and setting up FireMotD... "
  cond_redirect apt-get update
  cond_redirect apt-get -y install bc sysstat jq moreutils


Install bc + sysstat - needed for FireMotD

which are only support packages required by firemotd, so i believe it’s already compiled and part of the image file, so … how to remove it?

that routine you already found contains everything you need to know, just read the rest

ah, yes, it was wrapped around the corner
firemotd gone, thanks