Thing ID - where? How to determine from existing things

Hi All,

Im trying to get the configuration of a Yale thing.

If I use

get /things/{thingUID}/config/status 

And enter


I get thing cannot be found. How can I display the thing IDs?

The documentation does not tell you this.

Thank you

Have you tried this command in the console ?

smarthome:things show |more

or the REST-Api

Using the REST Api, with zwave:device:a1562d1c:node34 , I get thing not found, same for node 28. Despite them both configured, operational and online.

im trying to get the configuration of a thing by using:


Did you try this? It will give you everything about the thing (including its configuration).

And, you’ll need to parse the JSON in order to extract the config value(s) you’re interested in.

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Thanks Mark, managed to get it and find the configuration parameters.

Do you know how I would delete a configuration parameter? for instance user_code_4:1111 is the code for user 4. Lets say I wanted to delete the code for user 4

I’ve not done deletions before, but I suspect you’ll need to update the thing using the PUT http method. Note that this can be a bit dangerous if you don’t get it exactly right.

Yes, the PUT command is how I’m setting labels and codes.


curl -X PUT --header "Content-Type: application/json" --header "Accept: application/json" -d "{'usercode_code_4':00001111}" ""

Ill have to have a play around. The intention is to build a Widget or a Sitemap that will allow code entry to bypass the Habmin or PaperUI via Binding method of code creation/deletion.