Thing inconsistency between paperui and habadmin

Hi I am using 2.5.0.M1 on an atom based machine. Its been something that I approach every few months and hit a wall ( I havent found a gentle tutorial that approaches the type of simple tasks I want to perform). Sorry I am a complete novice and my issue is probably silly.

Todays incursion:

I have 4 everspring HSM02-0 door switches and at some point had all been linked to this machine via a aeotec zwave dongle (associated months if not a year or so ago when the install was 2.4.something). I have been primarily playing with OH2 with paperui and the shell/file system.

At the start of today I had four “things” but only one of the things was recognized as the everspring device. It took me a while to realize one way to figure out which device was which was by turning on log debugging and would cause the devices to close or open and from that I could identify their node number.

I eventually sat the three units close to the aeotec dongle and eventually their manufacturer properties appeared when looking at these things via paperui. I thought i was good so proceeded to play with some rules to send MQTT messages when the switches triggered.

I started to play with building rules and realized i could trigger a rule for the first device but the other three seemed to be missing items ( I used the rest api to list all items and were missing them for all but the first device)…so I went looking to see if I could link items. I switched to using habadmin and noticed that the “things” in habmin all are marked “unknown device” except for the first device.

So 4 devices of the same type. All devices in paperui show their manufacturer properties. Switch to habmin and only one has the manufacturer properties.

Is there a missing step here on my part? How can these two UI’s be inconsistent?



I would not use HABmin for general management of Things and Items. It is essentially deprecated, kept on for a few useful specialist features.