Thing is online, but items are not populated anymore, how to debug?

Yesterday the tenant called me and complained that the flat were getting cold. We have been renting out the appartment for the last 1.5 years and OH has not been rebooted in this time. The netatmo temperature sensor controls my heating cable so its kinda important that it works.

  • I first checked if I was getting temperature in OH, but these fields were empty,
  • then I opened up the Netatmo app and all there seems fine,
  • I then logged in to PaperUI, the Netatmo things are online.
  • I then thought maybe some token on the netamo API needed to be reset but when I logged in there all seems fine aswell.
  • So I then reset the OH server, but did not help either

What can I do next?

Check the logs if you see anything useful in there.

was my idea as well, but it seems like does not work

That would not be expected to work unless you installed frontail or used OpenHABian.

Well it works on localhost, so I assume I have frontail installed( I used openhabian)

OK you did not state that initially.

My tenant now accesed the frontail and it seems not to be any errors there of concern:

2021-05-05 14:06:19.213 [ERROR] [io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - Unsupported request method HEAD

2021-05-05 14:07:19.216 [ERROR] [io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - Unsupported request method HEAD

You should ssh to your instance so you can check the basics.
Any file errors?
Sd card corruption?
Out of diskspace for logs?
Cpu usage etc.

Regards S

How to SSH into it from our house?
CPU usage and disk space looks fine when i look at it in PaperUI, and its been running without a problem for more than 1.5years. Everything works except of the netatmo items. I suspect that Netatmo has changed their API and that items/things needs to be assign differnetly now…

I would expect more people reporting this then. Besides that the things are online.

After 2 reboot it magically worked again! Lets hope it keeps working for another 2 years!

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