Thing not updating

One of my Things is called GATEWAY-EXTRAS it is Homematic Variable and Programms.

I’ve already added this thing to my openHab and linked some channels to my BasicUI.

I created some new Variable and Programms, but I don’t see them in PaperUI.

What shall I do? If I remove this thing I will lose some connections made in BasiUI.

Thans for the Help

What does this mean?

Can you show us your configuration of your things, items and these “variable and programs”?

Okay I’m sorry for not beeing more precise, I thaught it is clear.

So, in HomeMatic you can create Programms and also Variables.
When I look for things in openHab I got GATEWAY-EXTRAS from the Homematic Binding.

In this Thing, GATEWAY-EXTRAS are all Variables and Programms from Homematic. This is very helpfull and I like this.

Today I created on my Homematic System some new Programms. I would like to have them into openHab but I don’t see them.

And now my question is, how often does things update his status? How can I get the new Programms in openHab, wich are based in the Thing GATEWAY-EXTRAS.

Unfortunaly it did not updated.
So what can I do that a thing, in my case GATEWAY-EXTRAS from HomeMatic, do update himself after changing some variables and Programms in HomeMatic RaspberryMatic?

I don’t think you can do anything immediately. You want the binding to support dynamic channel creation (and deletion).

The workaround for now would be to delete your Thing and discover/create it afresh. So long as you give it the same name, all old associations should be reinstated.

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okay, thanks, I will try that and hope that the rest will stay :wink: