Thing or channel based rule is not firing

I have set up network binding in order to check whether a device goes offline. It runs ok.
My problem is that I am not able to listen for changes and fire a rule based on them.
The ‘Thing’ ‘Channel’ ‘triggered’ keywords are not syntax colored. (Don’t know if it matters)
What I have tried:

rule "AC network status"
        Thing "network:device:ac" changed
        logInfo("Test", "Triggered successfully")
        Thing "network:device:ac" received update
        Channel "network:device:ac" triggered

(I know I should use pingdevice instead, but it doesn’t effect here)
Using the getThingStatusInfo(“network:device:ac”) function works.
If I link the channel to an Item, then it works too, but I don’t like this way because it updates the Item’s state all the time which can’t fit my use case.
Updating Item’s state only on network changes would be also a half solution.

Any suggestions?


There is only one Channel type that can be used to trigger a Rule and as far as I know only the Dash Button and Astro binding uses these triggers. The thing that these have in common is that they represent a momentary event (Dash Button is pressed, sunset happened) and do not represent a state.

For ALL other Channels, you must link the channel to an Item and trigger the Rule using the Item. The Network Binding represents the online/offline state of a network device. So you need to link the Channel to an Item to represent this state.