Things are missing after restart pi

Good evening!

i tried to migrate from OH1 to OH2 and have imported all things for homematic via paperUI succesfully

some days and rules later doing a restart but all things a missing

the real issue is, a rescan for things in inbox doesn’t find things anymore and the inbox still empty

have anyone an idea how i can restart a rescan for things ?
thx mario

If that is the case, something fundamental with your setup is wrong.

Just hit the + sign and chosse the binding you want to scan:

thanks for answer and good tip
but all things was missing

now i create the bridge for homematic again and the rescan was successfully and all devices was found
in paperui all things are created and checked but there is no thing in the folder /etc/openhab2/things
is this a ordinary behavior?
where save paperui this things?

thx again

Yes. Things created through PaperUI are not written to a things file.

In the JsonDB:


just for info:
I have imported all things and doing a restart
after restart all things still there
so i don’t no what happen yesterday and why the things was lost

thx for supporting me

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