Things changes require to restart openhab

I am updating a lot my mqtt.things file and I have noticed that if I do not restart openhab my changes in that file (even simple ones) are not taken into account.

Is that normal and is there a workaround to avoid restarting openhab ?

WHat version of openHAB and mqtt are you running.

I know on 2.4 mqtt v2 this sometimes was required. Restart of the mqtt binding which restarting openHAB does.

Someone would have to answer if this is required on the latest milestone.

This has been long since fixed in 2.5. it was fixed either on M1 or M2.

I still experience this exact issue on 2.5M4 and 2.5M5. I added a comment on the github issue and provided an example.

I am on 2.5.M3

yesterday i changed a mqtt v2 thing from a zwave device to zigbee2mqtt device, than i have restart openhab, without the restart, i have checked with mqtt explorer, i got mqtt messages, but the item has not get the value.
After the restart it works.

i am on 2.5 M5

Yes, don’t use things files and use the UI for things. Files for items

Might not be relevant but I have some similar issues since I use openHAB (2.1 I guess).
So for example, I have changed some devices, and added a new channel for an Item, and I associated the old channel with a completely new Item. (I’m using Item files and PaperUI for Things).
What happened is that the old channel was somehow still linked to the old item, and if I turned off the new Switch the old also got turned off (the command doesn’t went through, but the state changed in openHAB).
This happened multiple times for me, and not related to any binding…
After a restart, everything operated as it should.

Thanks, that is the best approach.

By the way, the only reason I am setting up the item in the file is that I need to add to it the alexa=“Switchable” tag and that I have not found a way to do it through PaperUI (it will be nice if it was possible…)

.items files are not the only here. It’s .things files that are the problem. You can continue to use .items files. If you do use PaperUI for your Items, you can manage the tags though the REST API docs.

Still the same problem in 3.1