Things/channel model

Hi all,

I’ve came along openHAB today but touched only the surface up to now.

I have to do a homework in construction engineering. It should generate
an overview where areas of construction physics have interdependencies
with capabilities of smart home devices. E.g. an air conditioner influences
humidity and room humidity needs to be considered by construction physics.

From what I’ve read so far there must be an extensive model of smart home
devices and their capabilities (things/channels) inside openHAB. If I’m
right can someone give a link into the code to start with?

that would be great
thanks in advance

Wolfgang R.

Things and channels are provided by openHAB bindings. Those define things and channels mostly statically for the runtime as XML input, but also dynamically via Java code.

Channels are basically just input and outputs, there is no interaction capabilities defined anywhere. So I’m afraid that database that you are looking for is not existing.

Cheers, David

thanks David for your quick response
But anyway a nice framework as far as what I read
Wolfgang R.