Things definition for Max Cube thermostat


The documentation states that the Max Cube thermostat should be define like this:

Bridge max:bridge:KHA0009227 [ ipAddress=“”, serialNumber=“KHA0009227” ]
max:thermostat:KHA0009227 [ serialNumber=“KEQ0402776” ]

However, this doe’t work. Doing a blind guess I would say that the thermostat needs to know the bridge ( e.g. Max Cube ) on which it is attached.

I tried

max:wallthermostat:KHA0009227:JEQ0656593 [ serialNumber=“KEQ0402776” ]

but it also doesn’t work.

When PaperUI creates the thing, then this JSON is created, which has the bridge defined.

“max:thermostat:KHA0009227:KEQ0402776”: {
“class”: “org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.internal.ThingImpl”,
“value”: {
“label”: “Thermostat: Thermostat 1”,
“bridgeUID”: {
“segments”: [

Also the Log shows the bridge:

max:wallthermostat:KHA0009227:JEQ0656593 (Type=Thing, Status=INITIALIZING, Label=MAX! WallThermostat+, Bridge=null)
max:thermostat:KHA0009227:KHA0003757 (Type=Thing, Status=INITIALIZING, Label=Thermostat: Thermostat1, Bridge=max:bridge:KHA0009227)

Michael Kocum [DataEnter]

Hi Michael,

Indeed, that was wrong in the documentation (fixed in the mean time). The way to define the childs of a bridge is as following:

Bridge max:bridge:KEQ0565026 [ ipAddress="", serialNumber="KEQ0565026" ] {
    Thing max:thermostat:KEQ0565026:KEQ0565123 [ serialNumber="KEQ0565123" ]