Things disappear after power loss (same things every time)

So, I’ve had my setup running on Ubuntu for a while now. Any time the power goes out, I lose my Nest WWN things and the last 4 Z-Wave things I added. All of the items are still there and they still point to the things that used to be there. If I go in and add the things back, using the exact same ID, the links go active again. I just had to do it again tonight.

I’ve tried backing up using openhab-cli right after I get everything set back up, but when I restore, the things are still not back. I have to re-add them all manually (in the UI). After re-adding them again, I check /var/lib./openhab/jsondb/ and org.openhab.core.thing.Thing.json and org.openhab.core.items.Item.json haven’t been updated since April 2022. is updated today, along with some others.

The other strange thing that I don’t remember from before is after I re-add the things from the Inbox, they remain in the Inbox, as if they were never added. This has only been an issue since upgrading to OH3, I never had this issue in OH2. I’ve had this issue on OH3, OH3.3 and OH3.4M4

This is a bit frustrating and I assume it’s just something I’m doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

Did you check file access rights? Maybe the database is not writable by openHAB.

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Good call, I just checked and Things was owned by root and not openhab…just changed it. We’ll see how that goes.

How is it going on? Are things better? I can offer another solution if your power is often turned off you can buy a generator, e.g I use Generac iQ3500 Source: 5 Best Generac Generators Reviewed in Detail (Spring 2023) it’s powerful enough and I don’t lose my Nest WWN things.

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