Things discovery throwing 405 error while discovering things with openhab2 mobile app

Hi , I have downloaded openhab2 mobile app (Android) , when I click on Discovery , the app shows me to add new things with plus icon, when i click on plus icon i get list of binding installed, when i click on any binding , no things are discovered, but this is working in papper ui.

Please help me i need this solution quickly

I was about to respond with “what are you talking about, there is no Discovery button in the Android app” but lo and behold there it is. I wonder when that was added? It was probably pretty recently.

But when I try to manually create a thing it just sits there with the spinning circle.

Keep in mind though that when you press the + button, you are not discovering Things, you are manually creating Things.

Given how new this is (within the past few weeks at the most) I’m going to guess that the rest hasn’t been implemented yet. You should file an issue on the openhab-android project.