Things do not show properties

Dear all,

I need some help understanding the basics. The documentation and tutorials refer to having a look at the "property of your thing“. For example, for the network binding, the documentation refers to the „uses_ios_wakeup“ property or the „dhcp_state“ property.

I saw some screenshots showing these properties, however my things do not show any properties. Is there some kind of expert mode which I need to activate? If so, how do I activate it?

Any help is appreciated.

BR RogerG

Go to PaperUI -> Things, klick on any of your network things, click on “Show properties” and: voila:

Thanks for the quick reply. This is exactly where I’m stuck. I do not have the “show property” field …

I guess you are using OH2.1 stable release and the posted feature, which is also referred to in the documentation belongs to the Snapshot version of that binding. This one is not part of the stable release. I has been noted also that all documentation refers to the latest versions and not to a probably older stable release.


Thanks @opus . Now it’s clear to me. I’ve switched to a OH2.2 snapshot and now it works as documented.

There are plans to address this issue so that we can tag different versions of the docs with the version of OH they go with. This will avoid this problem in the future. There is an issue already in place.

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How I can specify properties in .things file? Can’t find a solution.


Completely binding dependent. Look at the binding docs. Some binding authors would prefer you to use PaperUI and do not give much detail.