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I am new to Openhab 2 and trying to figure out things… Ive finally got zwave working with Razberry after a lot of fiddling and copying item file and sitemap file from OH1.

What im struggling with is where is the file where the things that were discovered and added in Paper UI stored in the file system? How can I create items that bind the channels of things into sitemaps?

Hi Andreas,

Stuff created by the Paper UI is stored in a database located in userdata/mapdb.
You can create items simply in your items file and then use {channel="<channelUID>"} - as your binding configuration.


Thanks Kai. I am hoping to contribute to the project in one way or another later on… I used to be in to java programming a long time ago, but what is challenging to me is to learn everything else such as Maven, Git, managing dependencies, building, etc… Id like to create a binding for Verisure alarm. I know there is a script which I am using with exec binding, but Id rather have a dedicated binding for it…

I dont quite understand the need to “link” items in the Paper UI if I have to manually use the channel parameter in the items file?

You are right, you do not need to “link” it through the UI in that case anymore. The channel="..." is actually already exactly such a link.

Firstly, many thanks you to everyone for working to create and support this project.

I am a complete openhab newbie and have used the PaperUI, which is great, to discover and add things. However I now wish to create rules and scenes and had hoped that the items discovered via the PaperUI would be added to the file system at the same time as they were added to the database, ready to create rules, scenes, etc. I know from the previous post that you mentioned that these can be created manually using {channel=""} but I cannot see anywhere where the channel information that you refer to can be found, I am obviously missing something. When the things are discovered and added there is no mention of channels. Could you please give me an example for say Phillips Hue and point me in the right direction for a list of what channels there are on what bindings. Thank you

In OH1 I defined a fibaro-socket in this way:

Switch Fibaro “Fibaro” (Steckdosen,ZentralAus) { zwave=“2:command=SWITCH_BINARY” }

In OH2 it’s detected automatically as thing and I can use it in this way:

Switch Fibaro “Fibaro” (Steckdosen,ZentralAus) { channel=“zwave:device:0acd4312:node2:switch_binary” }

To find out the new channel, I copy from the channel-definition in the paper-ui.

But the Fibaro wall plug had more possibilities.
I used the rgb-led as notification if windows were opened.

Therefore I had a second item:
Number Fibaro_Color_ON “Fibaro_Color_ON [%.0f]” (Einstellungen) { zwave=“2:command=CONFIGURATION,parameter=61” }

I have no idea, how I can use this with OpenHAB 2.

Same kind of issue.

In OpenHAB1 I could get information from my Fibaro Smoke Sensor when it was last updated like this:
DateTime Smoke_Sensor_updated “Last updated [%1$td/%1$tm/%1$tY %1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS]” (SmokeSensors) { zwave=“4:command=info,item=LAST_UPDATE” }

Is it possible to define a channel to support this, or rather what is best practice?

Chris wrote, that it’s not possible at the moment.
It’s on his Zwave-wishlist.

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Hello Kai

first of all thanks for the great work you guys do with openhab.

I migrate form 1,8 to OH2 online distro. All my knx items are visible in the basic ui and i can control them. But how do i connect those old fashion items that i createt in the designer, with the auto discoverd stuff liky onkyo avr. By the way, i cant find a way to power onky Zone 2 on/off as a thing in the paper ui. I had that working in OH1.8 but it was set up in my items file.



I think i would understand it, if there was an example for knx at this point: -->New Concepts: Things and Channel

Thank you

Dear Daniel,

If you are using oh2, the Knx binding is still a 1.9 binding, so there is no need to configure things for knx yet. The same items you had in oh 1.8 should work fine in oh2.


Hello George

thx for your quick respond.
The knx items work fine in the basic ui. But how can i connect them to lets say to the Onkyo AVR, do i have to do that in the designer anyway?

And how could I connect the knx items to the new Amazon Echo?

How do I get the 2.0 Items from the Onkyo to the Basic UI sitemap? Also with the Designer?
If i have to do all those things with the designer, whick sense makes the paper ui or habmin?
How do i get the Charts from habmin to my sitemap (charts don´t work with my knx item, only if i press the camera button on the top right corner)
The sitemap, which works perfect in the Basic ui doesn´t work in habmin (i see the items but i can´t control them)