(Things/Items) files for UI created things/items

This is an absolute OH3 beginners question – I suppose. I upgraded from 2.5 after a long hibernation period.

I was under the impression that UI-created Things, Items, Rules, Pages … would generate a .things/.items/.rules… etc file. But that doesn’t seem to be the case – or where are those files tored? (not in the \openHAB-conf\things \openHAB-conf\items folders anyway

UI created things/items are stored in a JSON database in the userdata folder.

OK … a few more questions on this:

  • is it possible to (bulk) edit this json database directly in a text editor? (if so, where exactly is it found?)
  • I suppose the UI items/things and the file-created items/things coexist? If so, is there a way to ‘import’ the file created things/items into the UI view?
  • How can you refer to file-created things in UI created rules?

Read the docs before asking, please.

It’s not recommended to edit the JSONDB file. But there are other ways to bulk edit, depending on what you mean by “bulk edit”.

Yes but it’s not recommended. There are known problems when trying to use text and UI at the same time for the same thing. The problem is most pronounced in Items.

But no matter how Items, Things and Rules are defined, they are already shown in the UI. You just can’t edit them there, since they are defined in text files that OH cannot write to.

From the rules perspective there is no difference.

You would be well served to go through the Getting Started Tutorial which covers a lot of the answers to questions like these and shows you most of what’s new in OH 3.

appreciate the patience and in hindsight, I got lost by the many alike looking trees in the “getting started tutorial” forest.

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