Things missing from Paper UI

New to OH2, downloaded and installed on the Pi. Been messing around for a few days now and have some temperature sensors, astro and Nest smoke alarm setup.

A few things confusing me.

  1. With PaperUI I Installed nest binding, it shows its installed under addons, but I don’t see it under bindings. I had to manually create a .items file and then it appeared. Is this normal? Has the same issue with the astro binding.

  2. Under things I can only see the astro sun data. If I click on the + , then Nest Binding I get a blank screen.
    Trying the same for the other bindings Kodi/Astro/System Info I get searching for things which never times out and the circle pins forever.

I am finding I cannot do much via the GUI. After I add the binding then I manually edit the cfg file (weather.cfg, nest.cfg etc) , create .items file, and then edit .sitemap file. Any idea why this is? Should I just stick to editing the file and not use the GUI?

  1. Which version of the Nest and Astro bindings did you install? The 1.x version or 2.x version (I think there is a 2.x version of Nest now)?

  2. Depending on the version of the binding, it may not support the creation of Things in that way. This is why knowing the version is important.

It sounds like you are installing a bunch of 1.x version bindings. 1.x version bindings are compatible with OH 2.x but are not supported by the UIs above installation of the bindings. Consequently, you must configure these bindings and their Items in text files. If you stick to 2.x verison, bindings you should be able to do just about everything except rules and sitemaps in PaperUI.

If you are using 1.x version bindings you pretty much have to do almost everything associated with those Items in text files. If you are using 2.x version bindings you can do pretty much everything through the UIs but if you are doing a combination of 1.x and 2.x you need to decide if you want to be consistent (i.e. all Items in .items files) or not (i.e. 1.x Items in .items files and 2.x Items through the UIs). Personally, since Things are only applicable to 2.x version bindings I recommend creating and managing those through the UIs where possible. However, Things for many bindings can easily be managed using .things files if you want to be more consistent.

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Great. Thanks for the feedback. I have a combination of 1.x and 2.x bindings so that explains it.

Loving OH2 so far. Just got Google Calendar working showing next events :heart_eyes: