Things with "n channels" possible?

I’ve just taken a look at the new binding api in OpenHAB 2 and I’m asking myself if it is possible to configure “n” channels for things. E.g. every Squeezebox player can have multiple alarms with different settings. Is there a way to configure this in the new api?

Is your question about implementing a binding that supports this (so that the API is relevant here) or is your question if you could define such a Thing in a things file (if the according binding supports it)?

I’m asking if it is possible to implement a binding that can dynamically define channels. So far I only saw OpenHAB 2 bindings with a static set of channels.

I want to develop a bindinge for my central heating. The problem is that I do not know how much chanels it will have and which type this channels are. Of course … I know this channels but the ID and the naming of the channels can be different. And maybe some channels are not available or new channels will be available in future - depending on the modules I use (e.g. at the moment I’m using the module for a heated floor, in future I will use a solar module …)
So did you get any information to your question?

It is now possible to dynamically create channels in a binding and a number of bindings now use this. I think it was discussed on the ESH forum some time ago as well.

FTR, here is the documentation.