ThingUpdatedEvent occures two times for single item

I am working on implementing custom binding. I have found that on my environment update event occurs two times after saving configuration file. From two threads.
Here is part of log:
14:08:19.678 [INFO ] [digdevices.can.handler.CANBusHandler] - dispose()org.openhab.binding.digdevices.can.handler.CANBusHandler@252d593f [Thread[safeCall-5,5,main]]
14:08:19.687 [INFO ] [digdevices.can.handler.CANBusHandler] - GOT Update event org.openhab.binding.digdevices.can.handler.CANBusHandler@252d593f
14:08:19.688 [INFO ] [vices.can.handler.CANSwitchT1Handler] - Handler disposed.
14:08:19.697 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Refreshing model 'demo.things’
14:08:19.705 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ThingUpdatedEvent ] - Thing ‘canb:ethernet-can:bus2’ has been updated.

14:08:19.712 [INFO ] [digdevices.can.handler.CANBusHandler] - dispose()org.openhab.binding.digdevices.can.handler.CANBusHandler@252d593f [Thread[safeCall-7,5,main]]]
14:08:19.717 [INFO ] [nding.digdevices.can.bus.EthernetCAN] - Register CAN bus listener: org.openhab.binding.digdevices.can.handler.CANBusHandler@252d593f
14:08:19.717 [INFO ] [digdevices.can.handler.CANBusHandler] - GOT Update event org.openhab.binding.digdevices.can.handler.CANBusHandler@252d593f
14:08:19.718 [INFO ] [vices.can.handler.CANSwitchT1Handler] - Handler disposed.
14:08:19.719 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ThingUpdatedEvent ] - Thing ‘canb:ethernet-can:bus2’ has been updated.

So basically two threads Thread[safeCall-5,5,main] and Thread[safeCall-7,5,main]] send update event for same Thing.
Any ideas?

I had this yesterday with my hue lights. But I’ve done a reinstall since then, so that might fix it. you could back-up your settings, it’s mentioned in the linux install guide! I’m currently running the snapshot build.