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You could think about spending some money:

Hi Marvin,

please stay in english here in the forum to reach the complete community.
I had a look to Anlox page. It looks interesting. So why did your onkel stopped this business?
By the way, I live in the same city :wink: but sorry I can’t help with programmin the interface.
Writing a binding would make sense, if these modules would be available also for others. Would it be possible to produce them in another company like for example?


This is an international forum and therefore the language has to be English.
If you want to write in German language please use or
I will give you some more details in a private mail.

Well it is not a good situation, if there is no more maintenance for the SW on these modules.
Maybe another approach would be better: Why not write a new SW for these modules and set the communication to an existing standard (KNX, Modbus or whatever) and use existing Binding.