Tilt sensor for garage

Hi there, anyone got any innovative solutions for detecting the state of the garage door? My OH had both 433mhz visa mqtt and zwave at the moment…

I’ve looked at garage door opener etc but all i really need is to detect if the door has been left open.

Vision make a ZWave garage door sensor which uses a tilt sensor. ZG8101.

I just use magnetic reed switches to detect if my garage doors are open or closed. They are connected to Arduinos that report the state to openHAB.

Now this sings interesting. Any further info on your build? I’ve found very simple arduino schemas, but these just turn on and off an led

Do a web search for MySensors…

You might consider building your own Garadget device, or pre-ordering one. It uses the strength of reflected laser light to determine if the garage door is open.

The binding is pretty straightforward:

Thanks. I had a look at garadget and i don’t really need the actuators at the moment, just need a door status… So for the sakes of cash in my pocket, I’ll give an 8266+reed switch a go. Should set me back about 30 dollars, maybe less if I can hook up two reed switches onto one set of 8266 gpios

So I found this and ordered a nodeMCU.

anyone know if it’s possible to hook up 2 reed sensors onto separate IO pins? Given that it relies on pulldown to GND on a certain switchpin (the guy connected it to D3 in the tutorial), could I connect 2 separate reeds to D2/GND and D3/GND then modify the code section to send a slightly different MQTT message to my OH?

Monoprice has a zwave garage sensor for about $20 (they also sell it on Amazon). It’s just a tilt sensor with an extra input terminal for an additional contact (like a reed switch). Comes with the required lithium battery. I have one in my zwave network, but haven’t integrated it into OH yet…