Time and temperature spreadsheet schedule

Hi there,

I wonder if it is possible to create a kind of schedule for each room with a time and a temperature. Like a spreadsheet that would contain columns for the time (like hours), rows for each room and in the matrix the temperature.
So that in my rules I can say: Go to the spreadsheet and look what temperature should apply now and set it.

Is there anything like this possible? Would I need to use arrays for it? And if yes, how would I use them? I’m not a programmer, so it’s not easy for me :slight_smile:
The goal is to be able to maintain the temperature at a central point and to use it in many rules to different times and to have always the right temperature…

Thanks for ideas,

Can you explain a little more of what your trying to achieve with this? I’m not sure what your aim is.

Adjusting the temperature setting at certain times of the day seems a little odd to me. I certainly can think of a reason why your’d want to do that.


Sure. See I have a couple of rooms and for each room I have a rule file that sets the temperature 2-4 times a day. Then I have some rules that overwrite the temperature. Like if we leave the house it gets down. Then when we come back home I want the temperature to be set back to the value it would have if we weren’t away.
I have multiple rules like this so the temperature gets different values from the “regular” value. Like if the humidity gets to high.
And then when everything is ok I want it to be set back.

I’m not sure if that explains it :slight_smile:
Let me know.


There is no support for arrays and there is no easy way to achieve this.

However, you may be able to use Associated Items.

You would create Items for each room and each time period named in such a way that you can construct the name given the name of your target temperature Item. Then you can look that Item up and pull it from a Group.

However, I would sit back and consider whether that is the most appropriate solution. Perhaps you can come up with an offset that applies to all rooms when you leave (e.g. when you leave drop the temp by X degrees across the board).

Then use an offset as well for each room that gets applied across the day so at each time period you add or subtract the set offset across the board.

There are other approaches to this problem that could give you the same result without a table.


I see.
Your ideas sound not too bad :slight_smile:
I’m gonna think about this.

Thanks a lot guys.