Time-based rules spontaneously stop working

Since upgrading to OH 1.7.1, and subsequently to 1.8.0 (latest snapshot) I’ve been having issues with rules which stop working after a period of time (can be anything in the range of hours to days). Rules which trigger in response to a condition seem to be fine and continue working, but those which are based on a time schedule (cron, timer, etc) just stop. A restart of OH solves the problem for a short while again.

I’ve seen a number of recent posts which seem somewhat related to my issue;

I’ve verified that none of my rules are throwing exceptions. With debug logging enabled, I created a time-based test rule which executes every minute. I can find the last log entry where it successfully ran ([DEBUG] [.o.m.r.i.engine.ExecuteRuleJob:53 ] - Executing scheduled rule ‘TEST time-based rule’), but then that’s it - nothing else in the log from that point.

Anyone else seeing this?

Yes, I am seeing this. Normal logs have not shown anything unusual. I have yet to run in debug mode. My system works for several days before failing to execute rules. Also the http interface is failing. Running on a pi.

My setup is also running on a Pi2. Some positive news since I initially posted this issue - I upgraded to 1.8 snapshot build 1053 and it’s been running for more than a week with no issues.

Me too, OH 1.8.3, rules stops after 6-8 days.
Today only cron based rules stops working.
Is any solutions?