Time differs between LogViewer/cron and time shown in HabPanel


I’m running Openhab 3.2.0 on a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.1.

When I created some cron rules to control my roller shutters I noticed that the shutters moved about 4 minutes to early.
I checked the openHab log viewer to see what’s wrong with my rule but to my surprise the time the shutters started to move was correct acc. to the log. This means that the cron command matches with the log ifle.
However, this time does not match with the correct time (atomic clock). Therefore, I wanted to check the “system time” and opened the HabPanel to do so (which I don’t use because I like the old fashioned style of the basic UI). And was even more suprised when this time matched with the atomic clock.

All threads that I found so far were about incorrect time zones but in my case the time zone is correct. There is just a difference of about 4 minutes “somewhere” in the system.


As the rpi does my have a hw clock there were already some posts in the past about clock issues.

I would ssh to the rpi to verify if system time is correct. Maybe restart ntp service if needed and if system time is correct I would restart either openhab service or restart the complete rpi