Time for Zigbee2MQTT autodiscovery?

With the new attribute output for z2m, it should be pretty simple to add new devices into the autodiscovery inbox.

Is there anything in the works? HA has the autodiscovery feature.

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This is just personal opinion, and I’m sure if someone were to submit such a capability to the binding it would be accepted. But it seems kind of a big ask to undercut one of our most helpful and active binding developers by creating such a capability instead of encouraging the use of the Zigbee binding, which already does automatic discovery and doesn’t require running a separate service.

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Doesn’t look if the zigbee binding (never even thought about it) supports as many devices…it also ties any zigbee radio to the openhab machine (rather than allowing it to be installed externally)

Yup. The two are functionally different products.

With z2m I can continue to run OH on a VM on my server in the basement with a pi in a central location running the z2m service.

Besides, I’m already having a problem with the official Xiaomi binding because it doesn’t support the latest switches released in Jan this year. HA had support for those within weeks and I started with zigbee2mqtt because it was the only binding in OH that supported them.

I’m just trying to get away form the xiaomi gateway…and saw zigbee2mqtt first and only with @rlkoshak’s message did I think about the internal binding…but I’m running sigbee2mqtt on a different machine that openhab, and like to expose things to homebridge and/or home assistant…but my HA use it almost non existent now.

Have you tried getting this to work already?

zigbee2mqtt has the homeassistant: false/true option. It you set that to true, does it work together with the homeassistant component of the MQTT binding?

(Note: I’m not saying this works - I configure everything manually!)

That does help with discovery…unless you move away from homeassistant as the base topic. But then I think zigbee2mqtt breaks it by allowing for attributes to be their own topics rather than json.

Any news on this topic? Where would someone start digging to understand what would be needed to add this functionality to OH?

I have not had a bunch of luck with the auto discovery of HA items, the discovery seems to return some useful channels, but also some that are barely useful.
I understand that some people make it work with a lot of different transforms, but then just using the attribute more i think is easier

I’m also using OpenHab with zigbee2mqtt because I never got my Hue 32 hue lamps to work with the integrated zigbee binding. But I’m not using the HA discovery because it doesn’t deliver usable channels in OpenHab. Instead I wrote a Python script to create the channels in OpenHab automatically. I also wrote some javascript transformations to transform the HSB values of OpenHab to the xy values my lamps use. (This could be different for every lamp type)

If someone is interested in this I could post my Python script in the community, but I would have to make some changes first because of the new OpenHab 3.0 api. Also at the moment I just create one thing with a color channel for each lamp. Correct would be to create one thing for every lamp. Also the script at the moment only creates things for lamps, not other devices.

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