Time scheduling with sonoff

I am using sonoff and I want to create a time scheduling for that. I have found that it is possible with MQTT messages but it has a drawback. If the sonoff disconnect from the network will be a problem because the MQTT will not be able to send on or off message. I want to find a way to hardcode the time schedule to the sonoff to solve that problem. Is it possible with openhab? What can I do for that?

In the Current Tasmota Version you will find a Timer section included, IMHO that works directly on the sonoff, no Connection to whatever needed( except vor Setting up the timer).

I have found them but I can not understand how to send that message? Is it from MQTT and it has a json file inside? or HTTP request?

Manipulate the page and hit “Save”, that’s all you need to do! I would say it is using http messages.

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In the tasmota console

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