Time suddenly in ZonedDateTime

I got some rules calculating the next starttime for my sprinkler system. These were running fine. A couple of days ago I moved from stable to 2.4.0.SNAPSHOT. It seems that after this move the time is represented in a ZonedDateTime type and not anymore in DateTime type. This was causing a lot of errors in my rules. In the meanwhile I got them running again but I’m still wondering why this changed suddeny.

Is this really due to the move from stable to snapshot or could there be another reason?

Yes. Briefly they removed Joda DateTime and replaced it with Java’s time libraries (Joda has long since been deprecated) but the differences were greater than expected. So they backed out the change. If you are on the latest snapshot I think it should be back to Joda. It is for me.

This change will happen eventually but probably post OH 2.4 release.

Thanks for the information!
I updated to the latest snapshot and everything is back as it was before :slight_smile:
The only reason I’m using the latest snapshot because I want to use some of the latest bindings.
Is it possible to use the lastest binding version on the stable release?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Often there are changes to the core that require changes to all the bindings. When this occur, later versions of the bindings are no longer compatible with the older 2.3 release. The farther we get from the release date, the more likely that is to happen.

You are usually best off just using the whole snapshot release. It is often less work in the long run and guaranteed that the bindings will be compatible.