Time switch feature


I am new to openHAB and also to home automation at all.
At the moment I am searching which home automation software is the right for my needs.

The main feature that is required for me is a “time switch” functionality to control my self made irrigation system.
I think the communication between openHAB and my hardware is not the problem (it can be controlled by MQTT).

Actually I am using a simple webpage with a interface were the user can set multiple times.

Is a interface like this possible with openHAB? I searched already but I can not find such interface.


The functionality is easily achieved in OH.

The interface is much more difficult. If you need to be able to set the times from your UI, there are approaches but they are not super straight forward. However, you could continue to use your existing simple webpage and instead of kicking off a script or what ever it does, it can send a command to OH through OH’s REST API to kick off the rules that run your irrigation.