Time to migrate from OH3.4 to OH4?

As I am relatively new OH user I’m wondering whether there will be any more new updates for OH3, i.e. OH3.5 or is it time to migrate from OH3 to OH4? I’m currently running OH3.4 on a Win11 box and have been extremely happy with it.

OH4 is in the works but not ready for prime time so for the time being, no do not upgrade.
And as you’re “extremely happy” why upgrade at all ?

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OK, thanks for the info.

I want to keep my OH updated to the latest version in order to avoid any difficulties when making an upgrade from a previous version. I have seen in this forum that people have had difficulties when upgrading e.g. from OH2 to OH3. I haven’t read the documentation thoroughly for OH4 so I don’t know exactly how big changes there are between OH3 and OH4.

I would not say there are many big changes in terms of features between 3.4.x Stable and 4.0M1 and the big change of moving to Java 17 instead of Java 11 and all the dependencies getting updated versions to run under Java 17 means stuff may have broken that needs fixing before it reaches prime time. Maybe check out the 3rd Milestone when released, but the first is definitely one for people with test rigs. So far I have only hit 1 major issue which I am hoping will be simple to resolve so it looks good so far.

OK, many thanks. I’ll wait for further releases before making the upgrade. I have noticed that Java needs to be updated to version 17. I don’t want to mess up my OH3.4 now which has been working really nicely.

I have another Win11 NUC so I may install OH onto that and keep my OH server with OH3.4 running until OH4 is stable enough for me. One thing is that if I copy current OH3.4 to this other NUC is it enough just to copy the openHAB folder?

Yes feel free to help with testing and raise github issues so they can be looked at. The change to V4 is easy and nothing like the change from V2 to V3 as all the older binding were discontinued in that step. I could be wrong but the V4 label was choosen because and V3 jar files probably will not work due to the Java version requirements. They need to be recompiled and bugs fixed for them to work on V4.

If your updating or merging your install to a separate testing server, recommend you look at the docs on backup and restoring the backups. If you have never done it before, it is a good exercise to backup your server and then test those backups by restoring to a test server to prove it works.

OK, thanks. Good to hear that the change from OH3 to OH4 is not big as from OH2 to OH3.

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