Time triggers not working (OH3) [solved!]

Hi community,
I am using OH3 and I have a constant problem using timers as triggers.

Have created a rule which should run a script every day at the same time. If I running the rule manually…no problem=working.
But if the trigger comes from a timer (I als have tried cron) = not working. Actually the timer never triggers the execution of a rule… Strange…
Any sugessions?

I have solved the issue:

I am running OH3 on Docker and Synology. If you set up OH3 in a Docker container it is MANDATORY to set also “TZ” (=“TimeZone”) within the Docker Container environment variables (“Umgebungsvariablen”). Example would be Europe/Berlin. w/o this, none of the OH3 timers will be working!!! If you do so… all are working fine and triggers will be set on time!

This probably needs further exploration and, if this is truly mandatory, a PR needs to be filed to add this to the Docker image’s docs.

I’ve noticed for a few weeks that my Time is <Item> triggered rule wasn’t firing. But all my timers are working as expected as is my rule that runs with a Time is 00:00 trigger.

Setting that environment variable in the container did seem to fix the problem with the Time is <Item> trigger.

I do have /etc/timezone mounted into the container and am running OH 4.0 Snapshot.