Timeline for Basic UI

Happy to hear that it works :slight_smile: … I´ve added the .css to the original post. Let me know if it helps with the scrollbar issue.

You could try:

        var groupParameter = GetParameter("Group");
        var itemParameter  = GetParameter("Item");
        if (groupParameter != null) {
            openHABItemNames = GetGroupItemNames(GetParameter("Group"));
        if (itemParameter != null) {



Do you use rrd4j as persistence; if yes more than the last day won´t work for timeline charts. If not I can try to create something with that option …

I can post some more of my .html for charting if desired - but it is not documented and I´m not a web-developer; thus not a reference. But if it helps and there´s interest to play with this as a basis let me know.

E.g. multiple Y-Axis:

with kind regards,