Timeline picker to setup heating, light and so on

Are you sure you cloned correctly or better checked out the development branch? I did the mistake before because it was late, that’s why you had a wrongly named file.

If git branch shows master you have to

  • change it using git checkout --track origin/develop-migrationToJSR223_javascript
  • or simply clone it again git clone -b develop-migrationToJSR223_javascript https://gitlab.com/RNTs_3/openhab-timeline-picker.git

After that copy all files again (clean up before to be safe)

Works perfectly fine with 2.5.8. Btw @tose I made two PRs

EDIT: Also works with habpanel, love that. Surely not optimized for that but it works.-> Template

  <iframe width="100%" height="485px" frameBorder="0" align="middle" src="/static/time-line-picker-jsr/index.html?ip=YOUR-IP-HERE:8080&transferItem=TransferItem1&yAxisLabel=1,2,3,4,5,6,7&states=0,1&lang=de&deactivation=true&dark=yes">

@Sefer Yes i have seen your merge request. Thanks. I will merge the changes at the weekend.

To confirm, the timeline picker is working with OH 2.5.8 without changing the namespace in the helperfiles? Which version of the helperfiles do youe use?

I cloned exactly as I have written above and copied everything cp -R from conf_openHAB to $OPENHAB_CONF. Nothing changed.

EDIT: If you clone the repo wrong or don’t change the branch manually you will receive errors because it would be the state of master

EDIT2: Haven’t used it live yet. Still configuring the modbus system and everything. This is just using the sample files. But no errors in log / website using the demoitems / states

Okay thanks again. I’m using OH 2.4 and i have never tested timeline picker with OH 2.5.

Thank you for the great tutorial. This is exactly what I was looking for to control my lighting and radiators.
I am now ready that the configuration via the timeline and the triggering of individual lamps works. However, I am a bit at a loss as to how I can properly regulate my radiators (11 in total).
In another post (Yet another Heating Setup) I basically found exactly the kind of regulation that I would like to have with me. To be honest, I’m just a little at a loss as to how I regulate the respective radiators at different temperatures at different times. In the articles and examples, all thermostats are set to the same temperature.
Is this even possible? Can you give me some food for thought?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Didschu,

here you can see a solution for different temperatures in each room and a preset of 2 (3) setpoints for the temperature.

  • first of all one can see the global settings. Heating mode and the current mode is self describing .

  • the second line is to switch the various “cards” (switching with visibility in sitemap) and the ‘1x on’ switch. This switch is to override the time based heating plan for maximal one day. If the switch is active the heating mode is day. Latest at midnight the switch will be deactivated and the timbased heating plan is active again.

  • first card (day is active):
    Here, in the first column one can select the temperature for each room in the day mode. In the second column one can select the mode for the single room.
    auto - time based temperatures
    off - heating is deactivated (frost protection)
    +2° - this means, the temperature should be increased by 2 degrees in the room for a certain time (comfort temperature for e.g. 30 minutes)

  • second card (night is active):
    In the first column one can select the temperatue for each room in night mode. In the second column one can select whether the roomtemperature is reduced by the timeline or the day mode is permantently active.

  • third card (setup is active):
    One can choose the different timeintervals for day- mode and night- mode.

In this solution the timeline picker is a realy minor part but maybe you find one or two ideas.

I find this solution even more elegant. Would it be possible that you might make the structure of your settings available to me so that I can then change it to my needs? I am an absolute beginner at writing rules.

Sorry, i wouldn’t share the complete code. This is a really big block (600 lines + sitemap entry’s + dummy items) with window open detection and state reporting. But it is not well documented and contains personal data.

If you start with your own code i will gladly help you. (better is a new topic).

Amazing interface! How implement night mode? You use conditional rules for that? Great job!

Hello Torsten,

I can of course understand that. So I’ve now created a new topic.
Here is the link: I need help configuring my heating control
I would be happy if you could help me.

what do you mean exactly?

The night mode in the UI is a synonym for a second temperatur level. To realizie this, i have for each room defined two different setpoints as item. The setpoints will be managed with the timeline in the setup card.

The virtual cards (day, night, setup) are controlled with the help of visibillity in the sitemap without rules.

thank you for these details, I had trouble viewing the overall system with the options, great work! it’s now much clearer

today on my test setup i look at the Webview url and the item Webview still loading…nothing appear , if i use chrome and past the url all is fine on firefox but not on chrome , on android local connection same still loading… nothing appear , is a know issue ? thanks again for this amazing timeline picker

No, there is no issue. Please clear the browser cache in chrome.

i did , but same result , delete 4 week cache option thanks tose, on my pc , phone and tablet is the same , but not on firefox ; on dev tool the page stop at this div : div id=“app” v-cloak=""

When you paste the URL directly and the timeline is visible and working, than i’m pretty sure it’s a cache problem. Can you please repeat the clearing of cache?

thanks for your help, so delete cache 3 times on phone and pc (windows) rebooting both and the problem remain, trying on firefox …is fine , trying on Chrome not working , trying on edge not working , trying on my older tablet android and there is working… ? same account chrome on all device and same sitemap , triggered item work fine, also clear cache on openhab-Cli and rebooting

I have no idea. There is the difference between chrome anf firefox?
All nessesary files are served from the integrated server in OH and this is the same for chrome and firefox.

Which version from OH do you using? But I don’t think it is OH.


You can try or check this and perhaps @Sefer has an additional idea.