Timeline picker to setup heating, light and so on

Hi @Eisi1482,

first you should clear the browser cache.
If that doesn’t help, post the console output in the browser development tools.

Hi @tose,

that was a good hint :+1: The console output pointed me in the right direction.

[Error] Origin http://openhab:8080 is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.
[Error] XMLHttpRequest cannot load due to access control checks.

So I missed the following part from the tutorial :expressionless:

When you have problems with CORS, add the following line in the file services/runtime.cfg: org.eclipse.smarthome.cors:enable=true

Thank you and have a great sunday,

Hello @tose,

i just finished a first draft of my widget for the habpanel.

Currently you can enter the configuration of the parameters and then the URL will be built from them. If you click on the button in the habpanel a modular iFrame will be created and the URL is displayed.

Would you be interested ?

Hi @dimmenhau,

do i understand you corretly? You have created a widget and this generat the webview url. Can you show a screenshot?


here is the Screenshot from the Window:

an here from the configuration

I do not know/ use habpanel. Does your tool generate the URL and can then be inserted by copy and past or is the tool available for every timeline as configuration?

But if your tool is a relief, we can of course add it or offer it for download. For this purpose you should create a description that makes it comprehensible for others.

This was the first draft and I think about publishing it as a widget.

It’s that time of the year again ( although a couple of days early, due to the :rage: COVID-whatever), did setup the christmas-ligthing in the house and the Timeliness Picker is working as in the last years.


Hi Jürgen,

thanks for the nice comment. :evergreen_tree:

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since last weeki see some strange text and number in timeline, again need to clean the cache from Firefox and Chrome , after that i can see and edit on navigator the timeline , but not mobile’s and tablet’s , i need to clean cache also from openhab ? whe need to clean cache every “n” time ? probably i did some wrongs things but what … thanks for your help …again :wink:

How can i help you? What text and numbers can you see?

The browser cache must only cleared when you changed the files releated to the timeline picker.
You must never clear the openHAB cache because of the timelinepicker!

hi tose , here is what i see on tablet and mobile’s , on pc “where i have visual code installed” now after clean cache from chrome and “needed also” on Firefox i can see trought chrome and firefox , on mobile’s and tablet the problem remain


my vue-resource.js is vue-resource v1.5.1
my vue.js is… i don’t know

Do any of you already have experience with the TimeLinePicker under openHAB 3.0.0.M3.
In my case it doesn’t seem to run right after the update. Maybe it has something to do with the Java update?
Every 15 minutes the log shows:
Script execution of rule with UID 'timeLinePicker-1' failed: 'getMinuteOfDay' is not a member of 'java.time.ZonedDateTime'; line 87, column 34, length 20 in timeLinePicker

In the (now old) BasicUI the TimeLinePicker is no longer visible in Firefox, but only in the Android App.
Do you have similar problems?

@isoparme This is a missing css file or the browser cache is :crazy_face: .
But when the timelinepicker is working in chrome, try to restart your tablet.

Thanks, I override the CSS file et reboot tablet… Same problem, maebe you have another CSS to test? I test my phone soon, t’ahks again for you help :+1:

You can find all files in the OP. There are no other files. A lot of people is using the timeline picker, so i think the files are not corrupted. You wrote:

So, befor last week everythings works fine? Have you something changed in your configuration?

Hi, openhab 3.0 introduced some breaking changes.
In particular, in a Kai post of October 12th

The only change you’ll have to look our for in your rules is the fact that rules now use Java Time API instead of Jodatime, so some expressions need to be slightly adapted.

Therefore the timelinepicker rule needs to be adapted

Thanks a lot! This is probably really the main reason. Has anyone already looked at the TimelinePicker rules and edited them?

You can check the javascript version. I’m using this version since a long time with OH 2 and it’s work fine. Please tell us your experience.


yes all work fine and no update from me; any…so…i keep looking and tell you what new :wink: