Timeline picker to setup heating, light and so on

yes, i can confirm that.

I can even get it running but the it starts adding all these extra statements/switches

checked on a windows computer that never opened this page. Same result

with basic authentication OFF the following shows

2022-11-17 17:30:00.443 [ERROR] [e.automation.internal.RuleEngineImpl] - Failed to execute rule ‘RNTs—timelinepicker-9cca9bad-b8cf-40e6-a9f3-24f97f62fe83’: Fail to execute action: 1

I have no glue :thinking:.
At the weekend I spend some time and will setup a complete new OH on a raspberry pi.
I will install the timelinepicker new and step by step. Perhaps I can reproduce the issue.

next try and a little success

when calling the sitemap for the second time it does not like to get another call with ‘states’ included. If deleted the sitemap looks Ok except for the relics in the states line where it created a, b, c in addition to the initially set states plus it moved the manual state one button to the left

What have you changed?
The code is not a mutating magic box.
Each call and an other behavior is not clear.

As mentioned in the text I have deleted the states from the url after initiating the site map a first time.

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You wrote in your first posts that the timelinpicker does not work. But nothing is changed in the code and now it’s working fine?
This is not helpfull for the next one who is struggling. Can you explaint what went wrong?

The moved states the the ui is a problem that only occurs in event mode. This is an open issue.

The only thing I tried several times is rebooting openhab and raspi. For some reason it obviously took several attempts to get it right. Seems to be an issue with openhab many others have as well.

Clearing cache, switching computers and switching between Safari, Chrome and Edge did not work initially. Now it is working on Edge and Chrome. Safari is still not working but this might be because of the age of the MacBook.

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Okay, this explanation will help the next one. thanks

Croatian translation here:

“languages”: {
“hr” : {
“yLabel” : [‘Po - Ne’,‘Po - Pe’,‘Ponedjeljak’,‘Utorak’,‘Srijeda’,‘Četvrtak’,‘Petak’,‘Subota’,‘Nedjelja’,‘Su - Ne’],
“inactive” : {
“line1” : “isključeno”,
“line2” : “zadnje stanje”,
“line3” : “uključi”,
“line4” : “isključi”

@Vanja_Vrsic I would like to insert the Croatian language.
Can you please follow this link: content file

In the new version of timelinepicker where is more translations and it’s much more helpfull to get all.