Timeline picker to setup heating, light and so on

This looks like it has the ability to define custom holidays. It‘s not through the sitemap UI, but rather through the admin UI:

Ephemeris binding


I am using this picker for years using it for heating temperature control in the winter and for irrigation in the summer.
But now run to an issue what I never seen before:

I got this msg and the timeline picker updates only two items from the 5:

Last autumn I rebuilt the system. In the winter the heating was working, but now I add the irrigation and I got this problem
What I cheked so far:

  • all controlled items has a value
  • updated all file with the latest

My system is an OH4.1 running on RPi4.

My conf file look like this:

const tlp_ids = {
 'irrigation_plan': 'manActIrrigationZone',
 'heating_andris': 'manAndrisTemSetpoint',
 'heating_janka': 'manJankaTempSetpoint', 
 'heating_halo': 'ZW_Node015_TRV_Halo_Setpoint',
 'heating_vili': 'ZW_Node016_TRV_Vili_Setpoint', 
 'heating_nappali': 'manNappaliTempSetpoint',

YAML file of the UIs:

component: widget:widget_timelinepicker
  title: Irrigation Schedule
  rest_token: oh.TLPIrrigation2.YtQiy49hyubx0NSw0PO1Pp4usxn6FXZtoJalD3pDypFBayPj9UabjfoQrQkMyzCu45cTSNinpKbOMu8lmw4A
  mode: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
  states: 0,1,2,3,4,5
  language: en
  deactivation: "true"
  zoom: force
  timeline_id: irrigation_plan
  conf: ui
    - manActIrrigationZone

Itedm definiition of Irrigation item:

label: manActIrrigationZone
type: String
category: ""
groupNames: []
tags: []

and one of the heating items:

label: Célhőm. (Nappali)
type: Number:Temperature
category: heating
  - locLivingRoom
  - Temperature
  - Setpoint

Can you please help me to fx this problem?

Are you using the sun events?
What i mean are items for sunset and sunset defined in the admin panel of the timeline picker?

Hi Torsten, No I do not use it. I checked all widgets and they are like this:

no, this is not that i mean. In the admin panel you can define items for sunset and sunrise. But when you never tryed this feature … ?

It must be this item:

Can you double check the other items in your tlp_ids.

It’s six. They must only exist and the error messages is quit easy: An item that is called dosen’t exist.

Uhh, I never used this setup page but there are 9 items here.Is it enough if I click on the “REMOVE THIS ID”?

Anyway I removed the non-existing items and now it is OK. Error disappeard and the schedules are working well.

ANother question: If I would like to use the Sun rise/set events than, which chanel should be converted to item? Eg for Sunrise:


This was causing the error message. :+1:

I’m using the channel: rise#start and adjust the switchpoint with the offset here:

Hi all,
the 4.2.0 update may have broken the functionality to use the Sunrise and Sunset items. Without changing my previously running configuration (see examples further up in this thread), my log gets spammed with error messages as soon as the timer tries to check for the items:

2024-07-09 17:00:00.608 [WARN ] [.automation.script.file.RNTs-tlp3.js] - tlp - W003: defined item for sunrise is wrong | id= TP_Terrasse
2024-07-09 17:00:00.608 [WARN ] [.automation.script.file.RNTs-tlp3.js] - tlp - W004: defined item for sunset is wrong | id= TP_Terrasse

I double checked everything once again, but I can’t find anything obvious with the configuration.

Any ideas?



I’m not running oh 4.2.x, so i need help to help.
Can you insert the two lines below in the file RNTs-tlp3.js (after line 147) and post the output?
file location: conf-openHAB/automation/js

const sunriseItem = items.getItem(tlpThing["configuration"]["sunriseItem"])
const sunsetItem = items.getItem(tlpThing["configuration"]["sunsetItem"])
let sunrise_ms = null, sunset_ms = null

// --- to insert ---------
// ------------------------

if ((sunriseItem !== null) && (sunriseItem.type === 'DateTimeItem')) {
  sunrise_ms = (new Date(sunriseItem.state)).getTime() + (channel_conf["sunriseOffset"] ??= 0) * 60 * 60000
} else {

I added the additional logging. Here’s what it outputs:

2024-07-10 15:00:00.384 [INFO ] [.automation.script.file.RNTs-tlp3.js] - Sunrise_Time (Type=DateTimeItem, State=2024-07-10T04:58:00.000+0200, Label=Sunrise, Category=null, Groups=[astro])
2024-07-10 15:00:00.388 [INFO ] [.automation.script.file.RNTs-tlp3.js] - DateTime
2024-07-10 15:00:00.431 [WARN ] [.automation.script.file.RNTs-tlp3.js] - tlp - W003: defined item for sunrise is wrong | id= TP_Terrasse
2024-07-10 15:00:00.435 [WARN ] [.automation.script.file.RNTs-tlp3.js] - tlp - W004: defined item for sunset is wrong | id= TP_Terrasse

It looks like the script expects “DateTimeItem”, while the type is being reported as “DateTime”. This is possibly due to a change in 4.2.0?

I’ll try to modify the checks for “DateTimeItem” in the next two code blocks and see if this fixes the problem. At least the error messages seem to ge gone.

Timeline seems to work with that change again.

Hi, I’ve been running the old version of Timelinepicker for a few years now (I love it, by the way), but now I finally wanted to switch to version 3.

Everything seems to be working fine, but I have one question:

What exactly is the

conf params | ui

parameter for and how do I deal with it.