Timeline picker to setup heating, light and so on

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(Jeff Haskel) #124

(torsten) #125

Are you realy shure that you are use the last version of files?

The latest version is v0.6.0 or the current master from today on GitLab.
I have no checksum but in doubt download the files and replace the files on your hard disk.
(switchPointSet.js , switchPointSet.css, index.html)
Are you using the same directorys as shown in the first post?

Please check this again.

(Jeff Haskel) #126

ok removed everything, re installed.

where is the latest build of vue-resource, or the correct build i should be using with this picker, is it vue-resource v1.5.1

(torsten) #127

Oh, i’m not clear?

(switchPointSet.js , switchPointSet.css, index.html)

This is everything to update.

But yes vue-resource v1.5.1 is okay.

(Jeff Haskel) #128

switchPointSet.js is v 0.6
switchPointSet.css has no v stamp, starts

body {
font-family: roboto;
min-height: 95%;
width: 95%;


Frame label="heating Example" {
    Webview url=",2,3,4,5,6,7" height=14

(torsten) #129

In the gitlab repository is the version tag visible. Then you download this repository, it’s ok for all files.

(Jeff Haskel) #130

The previous version worked, but did not appear to switch items

(torsten) #131

Sorry but I can’t help you. You switch continously from version to version and thought to thought. So i can’t follow you. I invest much time. Error tracking is only possible then we go the same steps.

(Jeff Haskel) #132

ive not switched at all, its a previous working screen shot, i use your code, and do not alter any sources

(torsten) #133

Good. Then i ask you to replace the files with the current files or the files from v0.6.0 from gitlab, is this done?
How looks your display, how looks the console (error messages) and perhaps you can show the webview url once again.
But please only the current data and values.

(Jeff Haskel) #134

ive altered nothing all stock as v0.6.0 from gitlab, working gui and picker,
currently watching logs for item switching …

many thanks for your assistance with this

(torsten) #135

That’s nice.
What have you done differently as befor?

(Jeff Haskel) #136

nothing, ive just left it for maybe 12 Hours, I have rebooted the openhab box.

No item switching as yet, or none spotted

(Jeff Haskel) #137

I have had the time line rendering well but on occasions it stalls on loading …

would this be the online content on the timeline system ?

also it does not switch any items as yet

(torsten) #138

When you only see on loading ... the vue js framework is not correct loaded. Look in the log from dev tools fro your browser. I mean it’s a local problem. A static error is unpossible, because it’s only sometimes.

I will inspect the second problem. But i need a little bit time.

(Ronny Pabst) #139

I had also issues with following error message
2018-12-14 22:15:00.274 [ERROR] [se.smarthome.model.script.timepicker] - error in transfer string

After installing JSONPath transformation (as mentioned in the rule file) via Paper UI everything is working fine now.

Thanks for this Timeline Picker! I was really missing this feature.

(torsten) #140

@ronny.p thanks for your response and @Chod I can’t find an error. But we can see the timeline picker works well.

(Jeff Haskel) #141

Hi, ronny.p , could you post or pastebin the working items & rules you altered to get this switching from the timeline, thanks

(Jeff Haskel) #142

Found it,

In the examples on gitlab you use Transferitem1 and Transferitem2 in timelinepicker.rules as the processed items , the Webview example url uses Transferitem as the passed item

(Jeff Haskel) #143

I was looking at adding Mon - Thr & Fri - Sun for weekday / weekend heating/lighting modes

I believe ive added whats needed, its not broken yet :wink: but not quite working